The Wolf Map

It's all about the pack

Our approach is "pack" oriented, the fate of a good nft collection is always in the hands of the community. The pack needs to be as one and Social Branding is key, our holders will get access to IRL evnts, collab giveaway, advertising and much more...

Make it real

We want to build a BRAND , something recognisable outside the Web3. After the mint we will build with the community a series of "real life" application for the wolves...
Merchandising, meetup with holders, streetwear brand collab, billboards, gadgets and a comic strip. Sky is the limit wolfies


Every Viva Wolf holder will be able to stake each nft and yeld $WOLF tokens.
$WOLF is our native currency and will be used to buy items from the shop, mint future collections and get raffle tickets to win NFTs provided by our collaborations with other top tier collections.


Viva Wolf holders will own 100% of the IP rights of their NFT, this means that whith the development of the brand the community will get the rewardes.
This will be even easyer because part of the royalties collected will be used to fund community driven projects and expansions to the Viva Wolf IP
We will do our best to grow the pack and make it thrive... WOLVES TOGETHER STRONG